Water Proofing


Water Proofing Your Basement

Basement waterproofing is one of the most important home improvements you can make. Just like preventing water from coming in through your roof, preventing water and moisture coming in through the foundation, will increase the value of your home. Home buyers are very skiddish about water in basements and is often one of the first areas of concern they express.

Today, there are very real measures we take to prevent seepage and a damp smell that so many basements have. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many older homes did not properly provide for water drainage around the foundation because basements were not finished and were primarily used for storage. Today, they are often finished adding additional living space to the home’s footprint. That’s why you may be having water issues in your basement.

To create proper drainage from the ground surrounding your foundation, we use 5 methods. You may already have 1 or 2 of these in place and may still be experiencing water penetration. If so, consider adding more options to make your home drier.

Waterproofing Menu of Services:
Proper GradingProper Grading:

The Ground needs to be graded moving water away from the house.






Elbow at Right AngleElbow at Right Angle:

Leaders need to be angled properly so water moves away from the house.






Water Proofing BasementWater Proofing Basement:

Digging a trench around the foundation creates space for the water to drain.







French DrainFrench Drain:

Pipes or gravel placed inside the trench will create a barrier with the foundation.




French Drain Front Yard HouseFrench Drain Front Yard House:

This type of drain removes water from the yard.





Sump PumpSump Pump:

Installing sump pump keeps water from rising around the foundation.



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