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Chimneys Should Be Inspected Every Year

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Chimney Inspections

If you are using your fireplace, it is ideal to be safe and have your chimney inspected every year.

If you are buying a new home your home inspector is likely to recommend having the chimney inspected separately. This is because only an expert in chimneys can properly inspect for any potential issues. Since the chimney is such an integral and essential element to the overall home, we recommend doing one. 

We do chimney inspections all the time and many times we find issues the current home owners are not aware of. If Michael J. Harris, Inc. does the inspection, we will take the cost of it off the price of any necessary repairs.

Expert Chimney Repair

Chimneys are an integral part of the overall roof system and are therefor best repaired and replaced with roofing contractors with masonry expertise. 

When there are leaks around the chimney or from the chimney itself, we ensure a seamless integration of the chimney into the roof system. 

Beware if a contractor wants to just patch up the tar or copper used to seal the chimney. To get a full understanding of the issue it most likely needs to be removed.

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Symptoms of Needed Chimney Repair:

  • Crumbling mortar between the bricks
  • Cracks in the bricks
  • Missing or eroded chimney cap
  • Cracked flashing or tar covering flashing around the base of the chimney

Michael J Harris successfully repairs and replaces chimneys throughout New Jersey in towns like Maplewood, South Orange, Short Hills, Jersey City, Perth Amboy, Montclair and Edison.

Because most residential chimneys are made of brick, they need to be repaired or re-built by a mason. Since they are set into the roof, they also need to be re-built or repaired by a roofing expert. That’s why Michael J Harris Roofing and Masonry is the ideal company for your chimney needs.

Chimney Repair in Maplewood, South Orange, Short Hills, Perth Amboy, Jersey City, Montclair, Edison

4 Steps to Installing a New Chimney

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If the brick is damaged in multiple places, a new chimney needs to be built. To re-build a chimney we remove everything including the chimney cap the flashing, roof shingles within a 3 foot perimeter around the chimney as well as the bricks and mortar surrounding the flue.​

The chimney flue is ceramic and is lined with aluminum. Over time, flues need replacement because gasses are emitted every time the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or hot water heater is used and it erodes the material. We often replace the flues as well.

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To rebuild the chimney, we use bricks and mortar carefully leveling and measuring as we go along. The homeowner can chose the style and color of the brick they feel best enhances the look of their home.

After the masonry is complete we examine the roof deck to see if needs to be replaced. If the wood holds any moisture or is bowing or buckling, we remove and replace it.

Next, we lay down an underlayment over the deck that prevents water from penetrating the roof. Called “Ice Shield,” we only use the one made by GAF. Ice / Water Shield are now mandatory in the New Jersey residential roofing code on all new chimneys. It is an extra layer of protection and is placed 3 feet around each side of the chimney.

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Lastly, the shingles, and flashing and chimney caps are installed. There are several types of flashing. There is fiberglass fabric covered flashing which requires roofing cement to adhere it around the chimney. Or, there is and copper or aluminum. We will advise you what we think will be best based on your needs.

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We just re-built this chimney on a home in Bloomfield, NJ. We used a fiberglass fabric covered flashing with Karnak roofing cement. Karnak is the best made roofing cement in the business. Together the flashing and the cement will seal the chimney preventing any further leaks.

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If you witness any moisture coming through your ceiling around the chimney or see visible signs of decay on the exterior of your chimney, call Michael J Harris Inc and we can provide you with the very best service to ensure your chimney is operating properly.

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