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Hanging icicles are a bad sign about the health of your roof. Icicles are a symptom of a major roof issue that can be corrected. The technical term for this condition is “ice damning.”

An ice damn occurs when melting snow re-freezes, creating a “damn” of ice. This damn prevents the snow from falling off the roof naturally and, because it sits on the roof much longer, it causes leaks in the ceiling of the house. This can happen around the eaves, in valleys or around the chimney – anywhere water can easily penetrate.


We can permanently prevent this from happening to your roof again -- even in the dead of winter.

4 step Process
It is a 4 step Process That Can Be Done Anytime:
  • First we clear the snow and the ice damn off so we can get to the roof 

  • Second, we remove 3 feet of the roof (down to the roof deck) from the edge, or in the valleys or around the chimney – depending which area is being affected 

  • Third, we lay down an underlayment called Ice Shield which bonds with the roof deck and is impenetrable. We only use GAF Ice Shield 

  • Lastly, a new roof is installed

About Ice Shield

Ice Shield was available in some states, but only became part of the New Jersey resident roofing code in the 1990’s. Now it is mandatory to install on all new roofs. Most home insurance companies also require it to be installed as well. Installation and costs depend on the size of the area we need to repair. Remember; all new roofs are required to include ice shield around the entire edge (3 feet back) in the valleys and around chimneys. 

Video Demonstration of Ice Shield Installation

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