A new roof installation may seem like a lot of money, but we guarantee it for 10 years on labor and our supplier GAF provides a 30 year warranty. Additionally, there are a lot of materials and labor involved in removing a roof and installing a new one. Sometime the costs are higher if there is rotted wood under the roof.

Depending on dimensions of the space, what we uncover after removing the old roof will determine the timeline. However, it usually  takes no more than three days.

The total cost for a new roof installation largely depends on the size, any issues we run into (like carpentry to replace rotted wood) and materials the customer chooses.  On average a new roof will cost a homeowner about $9,000.

In general, the homeowner calls Michael J Harris and speaks with Michael (the owner). They will discuss any current issues the homeowner is concerned about. Together they will set a convenient time for Michael to come to the home and inspect the roof. After the inspection he will recommend a course of action depending on what is most cost effective.