The Importance of Gutter Guards in Maintaining Your Home This Winter

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The Importance of Gutter Guards in Maintaining Your Home This Winter

Gutter guards are one of the most important devices for protecting your home this winter. While gutters are an essential component in keeping water away from the house and the foundation, they do not work if they are filled with debris like fallen leaves egg corns, mud etc.

Don’t Be Like This Guy

I am always amazed how often I see homeowners in the Fall balancing on a high ladder pulling leaves out of their gutters. It is a dangerous activity and I do not recommend doing it yourself.


To prevent gutters from backing up and causing leaks inside the home, gutter guards are the ideal solution. Essentially, a gutter guard is a roof over the gutter which allows water to pass through screening out any of the debris.

There are several types of gutter guards available at several price points. I only recommend and use screens. They are relatively easy to install, are not expensive and don’t require touching the shingles on the roof. Touching the shingles can disturb the roof system.

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Gutter guards also make the exterior of a home look more polished and therefore add curb appeal and value. Gutter guards are another way to protect the inside of your home. Keep your home dry this winter. Call us to install gutters guards at (908) 353-1700.

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