5 Signs You Need a New Roof

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5 Signs You Need a New Roof

How do you know when you need a new roof? Because homeowners don’t see their roof in their daily routine, its hard to know when it begins to show signs of wear and tear. We get asked this question often and I thought I it would be helpful to address it here with some quick and easy signs you should look out for.

Sign # 1 – Evidence of Water

Of course if there is an on-going leak coming through your ceiling, your roof is most definitely in need of repair. But infrequent leaks can be a whole different issue.

For instance, sometimes it can just be a gutter backing up after a heavy snow or it can be due to a heavy, windy rainstorm where the inches per hour are greater than what can be properly drained.
In these instances, you should wait before calling a roofing contractor. Once the snow melts or the rainstorm ends, if there are no more leaks, your roof likely doesn’t require repair.

Sign # 2 – Peeling or Discolored Paint

Alternatively, where there is no visible water coming down on the inside of a home, it may be a bigger issue. For instance, if you notice an interior ceiling or wall that has paint peeling or brown spots, this is definitely time to get a professional consult. There are a myriad of reasons these issues could be occurring and chances are the origin is not where you notice the damage. See example below. it takes a roofing specialist to diagnose the cause and recommend the necessary repairs.

Sign #3 – Old Skylights


Old, rusty skylights. Sometimes the seal has been eroded and the space around them can account for causing water penetration.

Sign # 4 – Discolored or Split Shingles


If you notice either of these on your roof, it means the roof is nearing the end of its lifetime. You may get a year, or two or even three more out of it, but waiting is risky. It’s better to stay ahead of the issues when maintaining your roof.

Sign # 5 – Eroding Flashing and / or Siding

Eroding flashing and/or siding – these slight imperfections can wreak havoc since water only needs a very slight opening to penetrate.


Of course there are other signs that may imply your roof is in need or replacement or repair- but these are the most common signs you need a new roof. View our roofing expertise here.
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